New Career Opportunity

by Your Faithful Servant (California)

Lord Jesus, please help me find a new career opportunity that I will be respected and valued for my contribution. Please open the right door for me, so that I am not confused about the direction of my life. Lord Jesus, help me to make the right decisions and point me in the right direction. I have been praying diligently to seek your face and a word over my life, so that I may know the Father’s will for me. I have been in my current profession for the past 15 years and I have been unhappy ever since. I am thankful that it has provided a roof over my head and other financial stability’s, but I have also been very depressed and disrespected in the process. I need a career change but I do not know what direction to go in? Lord Jesus, can you please point the way and make it plan and clear, so I am not confused? Lord Jesus, I need your help to guide me and to remove any fears and/or doubts that I may have. I just need you to stay by my side…

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