New Business Prayer

Dear Lord, I pray for clarity ,inspiration, motivation, the resources and guidance to help me begin a new business. I need strong inspiration and undeniable clarity so that I may confidently move forward quickly and successfully to this new venture.

I pray that I will be blessed with the same confidence and direction as I have been so fortunate to have recieved for prior ventures. Please bless me and empower me with the same drive and business sense, inspiration and strength that have been so effortlessly obtainable for me in the past. I pray for the flexibility and unbelievable gifts from above that helped me shape my prior businesses into complete successes.

Please pray for peace protection and strength for those of us who are truthful, hard working and worthy. Please give us the ability to over power any and all evil, be it people, thoughts, deeds or misguided plans. That the good will effortlessly stand strong and prevail over any and all that look to harm our world and the freedom we see slowly slipping away. Pray for our enlightenment as we must be aware to stay strong and free. Thank You, Amen.

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