Neurological disease and relationships healed

by Ckrump (Illinois)

I am very sick with a neurological disease to the point that even on heavy painkillers the pain is true great and the vomiting too frequently that i wouldn’t last a day! I am fighting disability but keeo getting denied even though my attorney says she is baffled because my medical evidence is super tight! So we are beyond broke and were quickly going deeper and deeper in debt. My husband asmed what i thought about him getting a new car, I assumed he was joking. He was not! I told him as he well knows we couldn’t even afford a $500 car. So he goes behind my back with our 8 year old putting her in the middle, not to mention super uncomfortable! So he comes home with a $28 k car, $450 a month!! As a result, we cannot even spend that much on groceries. I eat mostly whole foods..this is a problem! As a result of us fighting and my daughter seeing me so sick all the time, she thinks I’m dying, she is having major sensory issues that she never used to have! It’s very hard getting her to bed and to school in the morning. She doesnt want to leave me. Sorry, brevity is not a strength or mine. Believe me there is more to this horrible story. Please pray for me and to get through this Christmas, even if i have to fake it until i make it so my daughter has an amazing Christmas! Thank you so much!!

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