Nephew Christopher college tuition

by Cheryl ()

My prayer is for my nephew to stay in school and help with his tuition. The bursar Linda Coffey will not try to make payment arrangements. I asked her for an extension since I was in the hospital. I begged and pleaded with her just give me some days to figure things out I was in the hospital had a stroke did not know and found out blood clots and tumor on my brain. I even gave her my information at the hospital to prove it was true. Did not hear from her thought maybe she was giving me the few days. She dropped him out of all his classes never told me. He is a great kid loves school we tried all the private loans and was not approved we did get some financial aid he has a part time job. He is on campus bought all the books. I need all Gods prayer warriors this burden is too big for me to bear and only by the Grace of God this can be fixed. In Jesus name and thank you for all the prayers on his behalf

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