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by Kannabeeran ()

I request for prayers to remove all neighbors and nearby families, people who always give me nuisance and are spoiling my efforts to move away from my present house.

I bought new houses in the year 2016-17 and moved in during the same period. I didnt like the place as I heard bad informations about the people in my locality from people who closed their business and moved away complaining about the atrocities given by some people in my locality.

I immediately started to look for a new home. But since I had siblings to whom I had to give valid reason, I prolonged it. In the meanwhile, some of the neighborhood families cheap behavior made me more worried. The one from next apartment would start chatting through windows in the early hours of the day by asking about the new issues, new fights in my house. I informed my house about it and made my efforts more vigorous. But as I heard, the cheap neighbors and their bystanders tried to act good as they came to know that I was from an influential family.

Their worst attitude and bad behavior of asking me to “move out with my family” was not forgettable. So I stopped my communication with them altogether. But from then till now, they are continously stopping my efforts to move away. They hacked my mobile, laptop and spoiled my contacts(professional and personal) by spreading bad name for me. They used immoral families and girl-childs here to take videos by sending them at my back to nearby shops and supermarkets where I go for house-needs and have used the mobile vidoes to spoil my name everywhere I travel regularly.

I remained silent and continously kept looking for new house and started the activities to sell my houses as I found a house far away, from 2019. But they showed they were hereditory crooks by robbing and damaging my belongings when I was away from my house for a few days. They were crooks who even loot donations given by many in the surrounding for religious activities

Till now, they arent stopping watching me, or stop troubling me. They have started to blame-shift on my in-laws who are all bad elements too. But I surely know all the misbehaving activities, only these crook families and people started purposely. They used to giggle and discuss how to start the nuisance which I happened to discover last year. It is their habit to hear the activities in the other places anonymously and cause fights between others, enjoy it anonymously. Most of the nearby families have it in them. Some families which saw their nuisances have sold their houses and moved away.

Please pray for removing all neighbors as nuisances. Kindly pray for me. I had moved here after several years of hardships in my life. But all my peace, health, etc have been spoiled by these people. So please pray for the removal of all such nuisances who just due to jealousy have caused lot of damages since 2017.

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