Needs All Over Miracle

by Mari (New York)

Father I come before you humble as I know to be asking for a miracle.Lord I wish to have the love that was once in my marriage.I pray that my husband is touched and able to see where he is lack,that his words and attitude change,that he grows in you lord.I pray for the physical strength to exercise&strengthen my body to be free from being overweight.I pray for the emotional strength to continue to be a good mother,daughter,wife,sister,aunt and friend in spite of my pain.I pray for a financial overflow in jesus name so tbat my husband wont have to work 2 jobs and so we can be a blessing to others. Lord above all I pray for a more patient heart,I know that what I as will be done,but I sometimes get weary and weak while waiting,Please strengthen me. It is also my prayer that all here who are hurting&lost be healed in jesus name&that all your prayers be answered.Amen

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