Needing to feel myself worth

by Rae (Covington, Ky, Kenton)

Dear God, first I want to thank you for all you do for me; nothing you do goes unnoticed. My prayer Father God, is that you would bless me me and allow me to be self sufficient. People have been very loving and good about helping me, but I know how much better my heart would feel if I could take care of myself. Jesus, I have some hurdles and obstacles in the way, I know you know what they are. I also know Lord, that you can move these obstacles and clear the path for a perfect opportunity. Lord, all I want is enough to take care of myself and pay my basic needs; I would love to also be in the position to help others, this has always been my heart’s desire. Thank you God for loving me, thank you for watching over me and thank you for the forgiveness of all my sins.

I love you Lord Jesus, and I ask this in your ever so Humble name. Fill me with the peace of mind and heart that I need and the confidence to know that you are with me and will supply all of my my needs. I stand on your promises.

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