needing and praying for a miracle

by Maria ()


heavenly father i just want to say thank you for giving me the guidence and answers to my prayers recently.You and I both know that something had to change.It hurts having to let go of the person you love but at the same time it also hurts having the one you love treat you wrong.
Heavenly father i know that in my heart things will get better,but i’m here heavenly father because i am searching for a miracle.
Since he left us myself and my children we have been finding things really difficult.
Heavenly father i really dislike asking for anything but i really need to find a miracle to get some much needed funds to purchase a very cheap vehicle so that i can get a job again.
I sadly have had to let my parents go to and i’m sorry Heavenly father but they were constantly putting me and the children down and something had to be said.
Heavenly father i love you and know in my heart that you understand me better then anybody.
Thank you my father in heaven for being there for me and my children.