Needing a place to rent asap

by Linda ()

Even in the midst of epidemic God still uses me all the time. being in almost half my life and Christian work I was able to lead someone on the phone last night doing business. being that my landlord died of Covid the daughter gets the rented condo and her son. The son has told lies on me as he thinks that I don’t do anything to get out of the rented condo. he’s even said that his mother’s so super stressed that if anything happens to her he’s going to buy me for it. ouch I say to myself. John 10:10 no one it’s going to rob me of my joy or my peace or anything that sends me the enemy is not going to rob me. as you probably know many people are having a crucial time and it’s circumstances have found themselves wondering when is this all of a place to rent or come about. my church says that they will pay for the mortgage or for moving in. well it is a two bedroom one bath with a big price on it’s a duplex. I live in a big complex of lots it’s called like a village but so far nothing has come about. I live a lot with a lot of chronic pain but I don’t talk about it I talk about the blessings you see now I have a car and so I go to wherever and I asked the Holy Spirit who needs to know Jesus today and then he says that person over there. so I begin the conversation about what they’re wearing and how’s their day going and then I asked that question if you were to die today and you were at the Gates of Heaven and Jesus was there what would you say he would let you in? but then a few minutes I’ve let him to Jesus and I’ve given them the security that they may know that they have eternal life and once saved always saved. so as I go into this the amount of my rent is hardly anything left over and you have a little bit saved so my question is I know that I have to pray and I also know that my very big church would give me a part-time job or is whatever I can to keep myself going I must not think about the pain I have but I must think about the blessings oh how blessing it is to get up every day so my question is I have to pray that is God’s will plus I have to pay so many things each month the Lord will give me answers because he will give me his answers the number one question that’s at ask today by pastors or anyone is this question. how do I know when God speaks to you? my question would be to shut off everything go into an area where it’s quiet maybe in the mountain it depends on what part of the United States you live in I just happen to live near the beach but I need to go and ask the Lord for his faith. faith is like a mustard seed and right now I do not have a part-time job but God would give it to me I love counseling people I love giving them hope for there is hope and believing that God is our false sources for everything so tomorrow I will meet with someone


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