need your guidance

by Silia (Montreal Quebec Canada)

Dear GOD my husband lost his job 3 weeks ago. He did nothing wrong, worked really hard and got fired for no reason. He hasn’t been able to have a steady job in years for different reasons. People use him for his good natured and always willing to help his fellow man.

We haven’t been able to go on vacation in 14 years. I know we deserve all good because we are good people. We take care of my ailing parents and are always available for everyone. Every time we seem to get back on track and move forward something always goes wrong. We are so stressed out its affecting our marriage. We are strapped financially. We’ve been married almost 16 years and have had such bad luck most of our married life.

I had 6 miscarriages, my husband’s Dad passed away 13 years ago today. Then his Mother had a stroke which ending in death 3 years ago. We almost lost our house last year because we couldn’t pay the mortgage and then we ended up selling.

Please GOD we need your guidance! We need you to help us turn our life around and make it good and long lasting. Please help my husband Myron find a stable job so we can finally enjoy life.
Please help us have a well-deserved better life.
Thank you

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