Need urgent help to clear my credit card debt.

by Aathira (United Arab Emirates)

Dear Lord,

Sorry for all the sins i have done. I have bought a credit card to help my friend from his debt. But unfortunately he lost his job even me. He said he will pay back this money to me. But now he is working with a very low salary that he is not able to pay this money back to me. I myself dont have a source to pay this huge amount. He said once his father sells their property he can settle my dues. But its been months now. And bank have started taking legal action against me. Iam pregnant now. I dont live in my country now. The country where i live have got rules for defaulters of debt. They might even arrest me . Me and my family will face trouble in this stage of my pregnancy. My husband who is jobless said he wont be able to help me. Now i have only faith in god. Dear Lord, please help me to be free from this debt. I have sleepless nights. Iam tensed always. This is even affecting my baby. I dont ask for more money. Please show way for my friend to clear of my debt this month itself. Else things will be more complicated for me. Please shower you blessings for me and my loved ones. Lord please save me from this. I pray to get your blessing to remove my financial debt.Amen.

Praise the Lord.

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