Need Urgent Help Need a Miracle

by Rebecca (Napoleon, OH)

For the last 2 years I have been stalked by a police dept who have made my life miserable. they charged me with falsification when I caught my neighbor nick who is a cop breaking in my truck and reported him. I called the police 3 times on him because he broke in my garage to. For the 3 times I called I was charged 3 counts. I didn’t break any laws but they r cops and manipulated a judge and this cop gets away with it. He put a restraining order against me when I tried to get help and get one for him so he wouldn’t break in. My son is scared and so am I. The break ins every night and my email and phone hacked and they pretend to be other people and send me messages to scare me. They harass and torment me and my son has stomach aches and migraines and doesn’t want to go to school anymore. Pray they drop the charges please. They told the judge Im crazy to humiliate me and are making me go to psychological testing as a way to humiliate me to. I cry every day and pray every day for a miracle. Please pray I can get my son away from here and they drop these charges and leave us alone permanently. I cant sleep from the stress and Ive lost so much weight and my hair is falling out. I beg help from everyone and no one comes. Please pray for me. Please pray God sends me a speedy miracle so I can live in peace with my family.

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