Need to hear the voice my newly found life partner

by Masha (Sri Lanka)

Dear Lord,

You know that I found a man who gave me lots of promises. He was willingly gave his helping hand for me to come out from the place where I was suffering.
He gave me hope, love , care , understanding, happiness, joy etc.
He wanted to share his problems with me and told he needs me to be his life partner whom can understand his problems. HE wanted to be closer to me because he lives far away distance.

Firstly he loved to hear my voice. He said he loves my voice. He has been searching of me for a whole month.

I found him the day I lost my own brother. He consoled me a lot.

But dear lord all of a sudden I lost his loving and caring voice. I feel so lonely & confuse. I am waiting for him. Dear Lord you are the only person who knows where he is and what is up to now. I am wordless. I have to tell my sister today about him But I am so helpless. No news from him.

Dear Lord, Please help me I love him so much . We have lots of differences. I like that differences. Because I want to show him and make him understand that with all the differences we can be to gether with God’s help and blessings.

Please lord , I am with lots of hopes and dreaming about my future when I am going to be a bride of Roshan. and become the loving wife of him. I want to be a faithful wife to him and help him to solve his life problems.

Dear lord please don’t forget my feelings. I need a new life. I can’t forget him .But I am not demanding. I am continuously praying for him. Please help me to hear his loving & caring voice. and if it is possible please give me a chance to see him . I promise you I will wait for him till he comes and huge me with joy.

Thank you dear Lord.

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