Need to be with my boyfriend in a good bonded /intimate way for life

by Flora (Toronto)

My boyfriend is divorced with 2 teenage children who live with his ex-wife. The ex-wife seems to have found a BF that is rich and stable and cares for her and her children, although they do not live together. Every week-end my Bf has the children and it interfers with our time together to the point that I have a short time slot with him. It interfers with our romantic life in that my BF is rushed and shy and unable to relax. It affects me also.

I want to be able to love him in a proper way and I want to have him make me the central focus of his life, although he does have children. I want to have a child and for us to get married. My Bf is of the Sihk religion and I am not . It may cause some difficulties with his family,but I am okay with him .

I needs prayers for removing obstacles in our way to a great marriage and a child and financial success. I operate a blog and a website but do not make much money yet.

I need to be financially successful and have the very best man in my life who knows how to please me always with everything and for me to be able to do that for him. I need his children to be less demanding on his time and more independent and the ex-wife to not be so ‘I have it all’ since I got divorced from you attitude , which upsets my BF very much. Let us , he and I have it all!!!

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