Need Relief from warlock,conjurer

by Tony (Trichy,Tamilnadu,India)

I am Tony and I had a girlfriend and her name was alane, we both loved very much.but her parents(sister,mother,brother and uncle), not accepted our love . because I am working in a small office for a less salary. But we both were very strong in our love.

I want to marry her and she has also the same feeling. So they planned to make divide an separate me and alane. So they take alane to an sorcerer (conjurer), and gave some kind of dye an medicine to drink her and they blackmailed her that, if she was tried to marry me means, they will kill me. So alane got afraid and make a phone call to me and shouted very anger that to forget me and look after my life an go. But till my death I cannot able to forget alane, due to the conjurer blackmailing and her parents insisted she was acting like she has forgot me, so please pray for alane and her family, that they want to leave these kind of sorcerer blackmailings and want to make relief my alane, and with their parents permission I want to marry her.

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