need prayer for new job and employment visa

by Neo (Uae)

Prayers requested that the enemity of exemployer, false believers in exchurch and non speaking relatives towards me is stopped by faking interviews to take frequent visit visas and wasting valuable days by using fraudulent interviews to end the validity of my travel document after frequently and rapidly by cheating using sales people, nurses and hypnotisers. Also prayers requested that God stops the enemity, fornication and accusation im facing when I offer tithes all around in my habitat including place of residence. Please pray that I get a financial blessing and I start working immediately that God removes the enemity im facing from a gang of network of people without getting a job. false employer calls and persistently using annoying phrases. A real miracle is needed in job forefront with an immediate job and employment visa processed immediately. Financial blessing and job is interlinked. Need a miracle for a job, that God directs me to right people and to receive employment visa immediately which im seeking since August. Praise the Lord