Need Prayer for me to do good at my Job, and being a better wife, and a more patient mother.

by MINDY (Osceola,Fl USA)

Thank you for praying for me I have a lot of thing’s that has been going on Lately. I need prayer for myself First please, My stress is overwhelming. I suffer from ADHD. And I was told I have borderline Bipolar Disorder. I am not trying to claim this! I need prayer for my calmness, and peace in my mind. I put a lot of stress on my self because I want to always do my best at everything, and sometimes I feel like it’s not enough. I need prayer in my faith. my closeness with God. I want to have his peace and presence and help me to get more knowledge in reading the bible, And helping my kid’s with simple school homework problem’s..We need Peace over our home, all we have been doing is fighting and arguing lately cause of the stress. I feel like because I am doing bad at work, I am going to loose our home.That is just to much for me to handle.

Please pray for my husband and his school He is finishing up his degree in computer engineering and it’s very stressful for him. Please pray for peace and calmness while doing his work. he is only 70% away from getting his associate’s..and will continue, praying and hoping he gets a great job somewhere, with good pay so I can be l relived from all the stress of the bill’s and house payments.
I am the only one working at this time, It is a lot on me. My husband lost his job, so I need to stay good at my job which I work in sales and it can be very challenging. Please pray that my sales go high and stay high.
I also pray to be a better wife, I need to put my husband first and listen more. I know I need help in this I love my husband dearly but this is an issue I have. please pray for this..
I am a mom of 5 I have a 16,11,9,7,1year old. My kid’s are everything to me . But i don’t feel they appreciate all I do for them. only the older one’s the baby is is a momma’s boy . Please pray that they change their heart’s and that they continue wanting to seek god,and always for them to stay in church even when they get older.I pray for their grades to get better and for them to focus in class more and really pay attention.
I pray for our Family to be closer to god and for us to be able to help others. “that goes for my kid’s, for them to want to help and understand the meaning of giving, and not be so selfish.
Please pray for the ADHD in my kid’s and myself to leave.. Thank you so much for your prayer’s.

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