Need prayer for guidance towards better decision

by James (Malaysia)

I’m confuse on the path that I’m taking. I meet this great almost your dream girl type lady. She is everything I dream in a girl. We been dating for the past 6months until recently I found out through some Facebook pic, that she is actually married with a 4years old son.

The story goes that her husband left her 4years ago while she was pregnant, never left a note or a number. He show up about 2months ago, and asking her to give him a 2nd chance for the son to get to know him as a father. She said YES! But she somehow felt that he actually back for a reason. And she can’t love him anymore. She wants me to wait for few months (basically until the son 4th birthday)for her to decide either she will stick with him or move on with her life from there.

Im confuse, because during that 6months , i felt in love with this girl. More than i imagine. I want to stick around and wait for her (but we can’t see each other much) or should i put a stop to this n I move on. The things is I don’t even know how to move on without her around. I need help!