Need of Marriage Strength


I am scared and need YOU. Please help my parents to find the strength in themselves and in their marriage so that they may get through each day together. They are distant Lord, help to close the emotional distance between them so that they may feel the joy of Your love and feel the love for each other.

Please do not let them argue, and do not let the discord ruin their relationships. Please Lord, do not break up my family. Help us each day to be strong for one another, and be there for each other.

Sacred Heart, please I pray to you with all that i have that you take care of my parents relationship. Do not let them suffer in the pains of arguing, and discord. Help them to love again and really feel the love they have. Bless the vocation of marriage that they have been called to, and let them always be here for each other. Please do not make them hurt

Pleaase do not make them hurt. Please

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