Need of God’s touch

by Teresa Adams (Newton,Iowa USA)

I need my Lord God to help give me the strength and will to turn my life around.Please let my family see what my illness is really and that it is not just all in my head.Please give me the will to stop living life so unhappily and give up that bad habit and you know what I mean Lord.

I just need to get doctors to see as well so I can get the help I need and the medication to get my life back.It has been 7 years and I was thinking the other day how perfect the number 7 would be for this all to turn around.I miss my family,friends and son.I miss my life,,,I miss me.I will never take things for granted again my Lord and my looks yet they fade and I am pretty humble about what sickness has done to me.I pray this will all change very soon.If it is your will,I pray. Love you Lots

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