Need more steady money and a stable secure mate

by Flora (Toronto, Canada)

I am existing on a government OAS/CPP monthly benefit that is just minimal.

I am above poverty , but not able to go out much or buy what I please when I want to. I also do not have a mate that is my permanent partner and will take care of me and be nice to me.
I no child and everyone laughs at me telling me that I do not know how to get a Man and keep one , the importance of having a child to be considered responsible and secure and needing a decent life.

Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to ‘laughs’ at me. They have ‘arranged marriages and 2-3 children and a husband that comes home to them and builds his life with his lady.
Somewhere along the line I always wanted to be independent and free of ‘stress and pressure from a controlling Man. Now I want a balanced good life with a perfect partner. I also want to have the ability to have a comfortable lifestyle and smile and be happy with all that I have accomplished , including a husband and child at age 67!!! With GOD all is possible!!!