Need miracle to pay my electric bill wed. nov. 2nd

by Betsy (Bloomville,Ohio Usa)

i am in need of miracle prayers! i have been trying to find ways to come up with 800 to pay my electric bill this wed. nov.2, it is due for shut off on the 3rd and need to pay but tues or wed at the latest! i have prayed, , looked looked for loans, credit is not good, tried selling items, nothing has worked, I know there is nothing God can’t do, and He has helped me and my family many times over, answered prayers sent helpers our way, i have been out of work for 10 months, i have no income other then what i can sell , i have also been looking for work from home because physically i can not work outside of the home any more, i problems with my feet, my lower back and i have tendinitus in my left arm and arthritus in my right arm around myelbow, i think it is rhumatoid, i woudl be elegible for disabily but can not apply because i have not gone to a dr. because no insurance i will be 61 in dec. only a year away from s.s, i just need something to get me through to that time when i can draw it, if only i could at 60! but i need your prayers for electric to be paid for myself and family, my two small grandchildren live with me with my daughter , their mother, she has bee laid off and lookign for work, my oldest grandson as well lives with me and he is working but only brings home 250 a week and we have alot to catch up on, this week it was the water, i have already used all the resources i that are out there

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