Need help with money

by Mary (Pa)

Dear Lord I am in desperate need of your help. My family and I have always been thankful and extremely appreciative of the life you have provided us with, as we never worry about the material items in life, as we do our love for one another and for our health. We are struggling very badly these days and my husband and I are barely keeping our heads above water with the amount of over due bills as we patiently await for our income tax return to arrive. We have had 3 things shut off so far and next is the water and sewage. Please please help us lord. I don’t know how I am going to pay for food for my children let alone even has to make it work this week. I am a traveling hospice aide and travel a lot. I can’t afford to take off work but yet I can’t afford the gas for my vehicle to make it to work. My husband faith is starting to shake as he questions what is true anymore. We just feel that we are being ignored or even punished by you for some reason. We are a strong faith based family and have never asked for money in this life. Times are just very hard right now as they are for everyone.. I just don’t know what to do but continue to pray and hope that you hear us…and feel our pain. Please lord let our long awaited and hard earned money come to us swiftly…as I fear what is going to happen to me and my family.. I am a strong believer in you..and I have to admit..I have questioned my faith as well lately. Please please lord year our prayer and help us!!!!! We are great people and we deserve to be heard and helped. Please show us that you care about us… Please please lord…save our lives.

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