Need help from the sadness, darkness and depression

by Melissa (Naples, FL US)

Dear God: First, I want to thank you for another wonderful day full of your blessings. Thank you for blessing me, my wonderful son and my family and friends. But God, I need help. Help to get out of this feeling of sadness, darkness, and depression. I’m so scared. I have never been in this place and I don’t like it. My spouse is not fulfilling his part in our relationship and our life. I cannot bear the entire burden. We have talked about this but he keeps doing it. It puts me in a difficult position financially and emotionally. I am not happy and cannot do this life with him if he cannot fulfill his part. I am also thankful for my job as I know there are so many people who need work. But God, I am trying so hard to please such a difficult and at times, a very nasty-attitude person. I need relief from these parts of my life so that I can be happy. I want to be happy!! I want to raise my son happy. He is confused too of whether we should stay with my husband (his step-dad). Please. I seek guidance, strength and courage to get through this difficult time. If I should put down and close the door on this part of my life, please guide me so that I can move on and be happy. Thank you for me and my son.

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