Need help for broken marriage

by Faye (Madison County)

My prayer is for my 19 year marriage. My husband filed for divorce 4 months ago, but then changed his mind and begged to come back. I thought we had been working to repair our relationship. I know now that he has been seeing another woman,off and on. I have caught him in many many lies.

When he is with me, he acts like he wants to be with me, but then he starts missing her. But when he travels and is near her, he calls and wants to be with me.I am confused and do not know what to believe.
He is my life. I have given the last 19 years to our marriage and do not want it to end. Please pray that God will touch his heart and mind and to convict him to turn away from the temptation and come back to our marriage. Come back because he loves me and wants to restore our marriage, but to be free of the anger and the temptation of the other woman.

I pray that my marriage survives and that we can be healthy, happy and committed to each other again.

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