Need help

by Jenny (U.K. Leeds )

I’m Jenny please help my life feels like it’s falling apart I’m deeply searching for guidance my life is full of pain I’m the one who seems fine but actually in a serious bad place the love of my life walks out on me an my daughter why can he not see we love him please help thank you so much

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  1. Jenny; need help

    Some people just don’t have it together. Search for your own worth. Psalms 129 is a start. I’m sorry he hurt y’all. Please pray for blessing for him, that you would want prayer over you.

    Please search and know your
    Own worth

    Love ya gal

  2. Call on Jesus Christ so you can be saved

    We can’t force people to be what we want them to be for us. I don’t know if you’re married to this man, but if he chooses to keep walking away, please consider your soul and the soul of your daughter.
    Believe and call on Jesus Christ.
    Believe in His death, burial and His Resurrection so you can be saved. Jesus will take care of you and your child.
    Be baptized in His Name and receive His Holy Spirit!! Jesus will be your closest friend. Your father too. He will give you what you need. Stay in His word!!
    Jesus is The Way, the Truth and The Life. No one will get to the Father Except through Him.
    Receive Him as your savior and be saved.

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