Need Guidnace / ReInsurance

by Elixa (Houston , Texas)

Hi , I Am 15 years old and i am new believer of christ and sometimes i just …forget god is even there and i “slip up” i know thats normal and that i cant be perfect but i just want to know god more and understand him because i dont always do and i really want to & its like i try to read the bible but i get bored and stop reading it , i try but not always , i guess you could say i cant really think what i want to do , i just God unfailing love surrounding me because i feel under preassure from school , fututre , & just being a teenager in general , please Lord give me the almighty strenth and love and compassion and guidance for me to realsitic with myself but to know there is NOTHING impossible through you God , all things are possible , i pray for your guidance to lead me in the just and right path of life , i thank you heavenly father for all that i have in jesus name , AMEN .

I would like if you guys continued to pray for me Please & thank you & god belss (:

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