Need God’s will for a solution

by Angela E ()

Thank you for reading this, my husband and I are struggling with vehicle issues. We are both full-time employed but are down to one vehicle that is still acting up. We have old vehicles I am talking 98 Honda CRV and a 98 GMC Sierra. We are not prideful it doesn’t matter to us what they look like as long as they run. This past week has been hard, the CRV is chugging and even though hubby has replaced every part the scan suggests its still chugging. That is our “good Vehicle” at the moment. The GMC needs brakes and rotors which we have but he is having a heck of a time getting the lug nuts off. I am asking for God’s guidance and will on our situation. We are willing to do the work but at the moment we feel very defeated. Please include us in your prayers, I know there are many others in much bigger need. Thank you Amen A

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