Need God’s Extra Strength Today

by Kristie Brown ()

Please keep me in your prayers today as my step sister and I will be in court. My father passed in April and he left me and my 2 sons his house and my step sister Diane will not move out and has contested his will due to bc she is mad not being in the will. Her mother is in federal prison for 30 yrs for a ponzie scheme where she had stolen 46 million from families, retirees and hard workers. She was made to pay back the money and has only paid back 20 million and 26 million is still missing and I believe her daughter knows where the other 26 millions are. I’ve been so upset and stressed over this because people like them both seem to always get things their way here on earth and like myself to try to live right I feel like I get doors slammed in my face. My father passed of Parkinson’s. I brought my dad to live with me after the State of Tennessee called me with 2 elderly complaints filed against my stepsister Diane abd immediately drove to Knoxville from Chattanooga to get him and bring him with me. I also had found out she had not been giving him his medication everyday, cancelling his dr appts, forged his name to be his POA, which I was. His bank manager called me saying she was trying to get on his bank account with the fake POA , his doctor called me concerned about my dad’s well being with her living in the house because she went to see my father’s doctor and trying to get her to write up something saying he needed to be in a nursing home and his friends started calling me concerned about her she and her husband were treating my dad. Not to mention my step mother trucker my dad letting her daughter and husband move in after their house was repoed for non payment. I believe this eas a scheme all along for her to move in and try to take my dad’s home from him. My dad would help anyone that needed it but in this situation they were just mean to him. I don’t think it’s fair that a felon has a right and her daughter maybe able to stay in the house and not pay anything. I’ve been paying the house insurance and taxes with them not paying a penny plus they have trashed the house on the outside so I’m sued the inside is the same way. Joyce didn’t think about the people she stole the money from saying she would invest for them.
I just need God’s strength and loving arms wrapped around me and for him to see what they are trying to do and what kind of people they really are. I have been nice through this ordeal and I feel like I keep getting slapped in the face. Diane and her side of the family did not even come to my father’s memorial service I had for him bc he gave his body to science do hopefully a cure or cause could be done for Parkinson’s.
Much love and many Prayers !!
Kristie Brown

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