Need financial help

by Bunnie (Pennsylvania)

We are desperate. I have 50,000 dollars in credit card debt. This is not for luxury items. It has accumulated for food, gas, car repair (14 yr.old car), medication and dental bills. My husbands salary was cut in half.

I have not been working due to taking care of my sick, elderly parents. Our daughter also suffers from 2 auto immune disorders. My sweet son even offered to leave college to work, but so far we have received enough grants and scholarship money. Please pray for us and all who suffer under the horrible weight of debt. Thank you for the prayers and this website.

Take care and remain hopeful for needed help.

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  1. I'm praying for you!

    Hi Bunnie,

    I’m so sorry you and your family are struggling right now. I know how difficult it can be, especially when others in your family are ill. Medical bills can be overwhelming. I’m glad that your son has received grants and scholarships for school, at least that helps a little. It’s good that he’s going to college as that will help him find a better job.

    I will pray for your family and all others who are suffering due to financial reasons.

    May God bless all of you with abundance and remove your financial burdens. May he lift your spirits, fill your hearts with peace, and give you strength & patience during these difficult times. Trust and have faith that he is with you always and that this too shall pass. May you be able to feel his presence in your life and focus on the blessings and love you do have to help get you through this temporary challenge. I pray that God also brings healing to all those suffering from illnesses and other pain.

    Thank you, God, for hearing this prayer. In love & gratitude, Amen.

  2. prayers sent!

    Many prayers and blessings sent your way. I am in a bad spot financially with losing most everything ..struggling to survive and have had to go on meds for my sanity and to be happy and functional at work. The stress is immensible. Prayers your way

  3. Financial Problem

    Praise the Lord Jesus My problem is Financial problem. why problem iam in Indian Muslim but I belive The jesus so any body can’not help me some muslims brothers tray to kill me. my Life is Verry Sad and Bad my Any problem asking to only jesus..Any Problem in my life prayer and asking the jesus only. Every sec Only Save me Only Jesus Jesus.

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