need financial blessing for cancer treatment of my brother and marriage

by Deepty (Delhi, India)

Dear father in heaven, I thank you for the beautiful time, I thank you for small and big blessings given by you in my life. I thank you for listening to my prayers and acknowldge. Dear lord I give my life and all the worries to you. I don’t want to control my life. The way in heaven its only your will that works, I want the same in my life. I give the glory and respect. Dear god I want to be a part of your kingdon. Father, please bless me, my house, my family, my enemies, my friends, people I have known, my neighbors, and anyone/everyone who is in need. I pray for our country. I pray for the world we stay in. I pray for sick. I pray for hungry and thirsty. Dear father u know it all what we need. My dear lord I have faith in you thaat u will give financial blessings to me and my family so that my brother shall be able to fight cancer and so that there are no problems in marriage. God, you did this before, I know you will do it again in the name of our savior lord Jesus. The one who died for us. I’m your daughter father, I give you all my worries. I thank you again for what all I have. Thank you thank you thank you. In the name of jesus I ask for financial blessing. Hear me god and fulfil what I want.