Need financial assistance

by Luiza Monteiro (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

I pray Lord that someone with lots of money can help me tonight, I have my rent cheque due tommorow bills to be paid. I am worried but still motivating myself I will somehow have help by tomorrow morning. The lord will make a way where there is no way.

Lord if you have your angel out there please let them call me and help me I promise to return in back in no time, but for now I am in need and whom have I turned too, always. In good times and in bad.

Lord I trust in you and know I have knocked and the doors will open unto me, that’s a promise you have made and kept always. My faith is like a mustard seed and I shall not waver as I know I will be walking soon in financial abundance and helping someone in need and going through distress times what I am going through today.

Thank you Lord, Praise you Lord above all I love you Lord. I am worried but have my Faith in you my Rock my Saviour.

Love you
Your child your sister your daughter Luiza

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