Need DL and GOOD JOB and Healthy & Happy Family Life

by BMB (Vienna)

Dear Jesus,

Father God I ask in Jesus name that you by your great love, mercy, favor and power hear and answer this prayer for a miracle for myself to land a permanent good paying job near our home. We have prayed and searched and seeker for an answer to this prayer and patiently waiting for your humble response which is deserve to be mine.

I feel like I cannot bear anymore of the financial pressures of not enough money to pay our bills in Philippines, I don’t asked for a class kind of job but only i want the job to be qualified and get good income for my family support and for paying all bills and get a house to start new life with my husband and face the real life of being family. I just want a simple life has enough money for our daily task including gives a good future for my kid and my husband kids, Lord please touch heart of my husband not to go back in life what he have done before during my absent, I want happy family living as you gave him to me please continue to touch his heart so that we continue to be close to you and going to church every Saturday. Please lord help me also to remove my doubt to my husband specially when he go out lord please help me to touch Dodie hurt to avoid bad doing for his life.

I implore you in the sweet and loving name of Jesus. St Jude helper and keeper of all kind please help me to get my full time job very soon. And lord thank you for my employment card I have already received,Lord Jesus and Also St Jude please help me to pass my driving license I am very much in this license so that i can get a good Job. You know what is in my heart Lord, please please I’m begging you to help me. You have done so much for me so please don’t stop helping me. I love you O lord by the power of Jesus, and help of St. Jude Amen..

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