Need A Very Good Paying Job, With A lot Of Respect And Appreciation.

by Lisa (Brooklyn, Ny)

Lord, Father, I come before you today, and I thank you, I thank you Lord for being merciful, I thank you for your many blessings, Lord Father, but Father Lord, I know you have the perfect job for me, but I have to have patients, Jesus, Lord you blessed me with this job that I have now, for a reason, I know, Father, and father I know the reason, Lord, and I am ready to move on to the bigger, better job you have for me, the job that would help me to pay my bills, the job that would help me to get a bigger apartment for my family, the job that would help me save for our business, the job that would fulfill my family needs, I know is in the making, I am asking you, Father to grant me that job, now Lord, Grant me, that job, Lord, I have learned.

I love you Lord and I see my many blessing everyday, I am just asking to carry me to the other level. I pray God that other people would see your love and mercy and would come unto you, Father, you are worthy to be praise.

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