Need a prayer answered from God

by Lita (TX)

Lord I am asking to restore and reunite me and my friend. I made some mistakes and I am asking God to forgive me, God brought this wonderful God fearing man in my life and I pushed him away with my insecurities. We have a wonderful spiritual relationship and we enjoy each others company all the time. We encourage one another and spend alot of time on the phone and when we spend time together he is treats me like a Queen with love and respect. I am asking the Lord to heal our relationship and brings us back together in a relationship that will last forever (maybe even marriage) that will glorify God. I love him and I want the Lord to reveal to him that I am a value woman and that this is he will and I am working on the Lord to change me and to give him a heart to change his downfalls. God had reveal to him one time that I was his will for his life and I prayed a couple of times and the Lord confirmed to me that he was the Lord’s will for my life. I am asking the Lord to fill his heart with the love of God for me and me for him. I am asking that all negative energies and evil be remove and rebuke from our relationship. I am asking all distractions that will keep us or hinder us from being together be remove from our lives. I am asking the Lord to give me the faith I need to believe that he will bring this to past for us. I love the Lord with all my heart and mind and soul. The Lord is first in my life and I really believe the Lord will bring this to pass but I am asking the Lord to send me a sign that he is working on restore this relationship. Amen! Thanks for your prayers . I am asking in the name of the Lord, and Jesus Name according to his will. …If you abide in me and me in you you can ask what so ever you choose..I have been seeking the Lord with all my heart.

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