need a miracle

by Michael D. Wright (San Tan Valley, AZ)

A long time ago my wife lost a very young, age three, child in a car crash. It left her with bad memories and an unrelenting case of fibromyalgia. Pain that will not go away. No matter the medication, her pain never ceases. Now then, she is without healthcare insurance. I simply cannot afford it. In 2008 I had an accident which left me with a bad back. To make a very long story short, and to spare you some reading time, we lost everything. Our home, our possessions put in storage that are still there at 300.00 dollars a month, and I can no longer afford to pay. Our only income is my disability check for two people. I am broke and broken. I served eight years as a Marine and oh how I wish that I were young again. My wife will be devastated if they auction off our belongings. God help me. We live with our ex-slaughterhouse. That in itself is a depressing, hurtful situation. The list goes on and on but I shall spare you. I know that we are not supposed to beg the good Lord for money or a winning lottery ticket, but, I confess, things are so bad right now that I feel that I must. I do not expect those prayers of desperation to be answered. Other than money, I do not know the answer.

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