Need a miracle to bring us back together

i am praying for a miracle my husband and I have been through so much together the last 20 years and he is slipping away from us. Please bring us back together in love. I know we can make it and get it right. We have made so many mistakes and please forgive me for the ones I have made. I will spend the rest of my life making it right for the both of us. He has lost his way to me and he just has to feel the love in his heart again. I am so in love with my husband each and every day, I want to spend my life with this man enjoying him, holding him, laughing with him. Over the years our love has been tested so much and each time we are brought together for a reason I dont know if its a test of our love .Please help him find his way back to me please let him feel the love in his heart. I love him

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