Need a Miracle prayer to get Disability Approved

by Sarah (Rock Island , Tn, Usa)

Dear God please intervene in getting my social security disability approved because my husband is a over the road truck driver & it is ruining our marriage. We have been together 16yrs & have four kids. but if I had my disability approved it would help a lot. He could get a normal job & be home every night with his family. Oh please Lord Jesus Christ hear my prayers. Last year he came home & told me he wanted a divorce. That’s when I found this web site & prayed the marriage prayer faithfully every night , then last month Sept.19 he came home & said he didn’t want one but there is still a lot of trust issues. He was unfaithful to me & broke my heart once again. He is the. Only man next to my father & God that I have ever loved. His boss. Right now is a woman & that is who has been unfaithful with. I pray for him to be honest & faithful to me I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that He answers my prayers. In His name I pray. Amen

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