Need a huge money blessing to paid off all of the bills

by Shirley (Pittsburgh)

st joseph we need your speedie help with our bills,there,to many bills and no money to paid them,one,bil is 3thousands for school district tax/wage tax,that my work forgot to take out of the paid,and now my husband and have to paid itand we dont have the money to paid,so the company key stonecollection group,attacted our wages i try to get the penality interest remove but they wontand make it a lower amount.and they wont do that,please pray they will,lower the amount do.,plus we owe on the phone bill water, bill.,light bill plus a gas billthat in my husband name,that somehow got in my name and the balancethat,is on my husband gas bill got tranfer to my account see somehow there are two gas bill one for me one for my husband,in the same house,and the gas co tranfer,one balance to my account,and now our bill is 97300,and we cant afford to paid,and noone will listen to us, needs a job thats paids more then 825,an hour thats 8dollars 25,with benefits,

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