Need a good stable job to support my family

by Ashok (Pune, Maharashtra India)

Oh Lord Jesus have mercy on me and help me to get a good stable job,I am the only earning source in my family , Please have your blessings on me and help me to get a good stable job.

Oh Lord Jesus I come before you just as I am , I am sorry for my Sins I repent of my sins , Please forgive me in your name , I forgive all others for
what they have done against me, I Renounce Satan the Evil Spirit and all their works, I give you my entire self Lord Jesus, Now and forever, I invite you into my life, Jesus I accept you as my Lord, God and Savior, Please heal me, Strengthen me in body soul and spirit.

Come Lord Jesus cover me with your precious Blood and Fill me with your holy spirit, I love you Lord Jesus, I praise you Lord Jesus, I thank you Lord Jesus, I shall follow you every day of my life. Amen

Mary My Mother Queen of Peace St Peregrine the cancer saint All the angles and saints please help me. Amen

Thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers.

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