Need a good stable job, Help me, Oh Lord

by Lastcaseresort (Australia)

dear god,

I am a bread winner and in need of a good stable job. I have worked hard to achieve all the degrees and experiences needed. Whenever it comes to interviews, job applications, I am always not fortunate. either the job I get is not paying much, not fulfilling or just not the type I want. My debts are catching up. I need money to go for aditional training pertaining to job but i cant. Im also in a foreign contry where my immigration status is still being processed to get a residency status. I find it hard to make any decisions at this point and feeling depressed. My only hope is I get the job i want I dont wont bug you jesus anymore. Im not asking for millions of dollars but a fare remuneration which can feed my little family. you need to know that i have many qualifications and experiences including some certifications.

pls god give me a chance.