name transfer of flat on my dads name, sell of PUNE PLOT& good money,deliverance&proptection from witchcraft tenant& neigbour

by Prayers Admin ()

Jesus send Your Holy Ghost Fire IN& AROUND CONSUMING&TREMBLING them &CREATE CONFUSION&HATRED AMONG THESE DEMONIC SATANIC HUMAn BEINGS in the the flat 301 (VARLI YOGITA)&401& 404 in my apartment Arjun,make it difficult to live &leavein this apartment,make it difficult for them to climb the 3rd&4th floor.give them a strong allergic reaction towards pegions&stop throwing garbage down-Show them You are the True living God&the result of troubling Your people.Make Lyon unblock me&throw them out,let Your Holy Spirt give him wisdom to see the truth about his tenants&not trust them&Stephen,the tenants brother&the police,break the trsut between varli yogita&the agent raja& subham&realise the tenats are at fault&cheated them. shiv sena bonney pereira,secreatry&the COMITTE other members&registrar take our sideSend your Holy Spirit upon them&make them leave this apartment..OPEN UP HEAVEN SEND HELP FROM ALL SIDES TO THROW THEM OUT&TAKEMYSIDE&my possessed neighbours:…….neemlan(bind her heart,memory,mind,lips,mouth&burn her handswith Your Holy Ghost Fire to stop all demonic/satanic deposites anywhere near my home.bind her memory,concious& subconcious mind-BREAK THE TRUST BETWEEN RENITA& NEELAM)&protect all the people whom she lies&attacks .please take balarams soul he is suffering too much.&….renita(Send Your Holy Ghost fire around her-stopping her from taking the cats in the bwing up&allowing them to shit&walking around the apartment,-maker harish to sell his old bike&white care thus creating more space in the apt,break her friendship with raquel&create a deep level of hatred among them,protect all the servants whom she hits,make the police to be notified,make it difficult for renita to live in malad,dont make want to come back to mumbai from london for a year)&…PADMA(BREAK THE TRUST BETWEEN NEELAM&PADMA… bind her heart& memory.make her not to come out of the home,take her soul this year)&STEPHEN(STOP HIM FROM BEING BIASED TOWARDS TENANTs).break his trust with lyon-make them fight with each other& dont make them cross each others path in friendship.

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