My wife is an alcoholic

by David (Parker)

Please, Please pray for my wife, Trina. She is an alcoholic and I today, for the first time in 20 years, I am drinking heavily. Trina is a good, wonderful person and I must’ve failed her. And if I failed her, please put the drinking on me and not her!!! My sins is the cause of her drinking and she should not have to pay!! Please save her and pray for her! I am the sinner for and she should not have to pay for my sins!

God, I know that you will save her and that I will pay for the sins that I committed and for the sins that Trina has committed. Please, Please save her and make her sober for now and for ever! I will do whatever is needed for Trina to stop drinking! Her life and my life are intertwine and I know that with your blessings, Trina will stop drinking forever!! I believe that once you say Trina will stop drinking she will!

Thank you Lord!! And whatever I must do to stop Trina from drining, I will do. For your word is the Will That Will Be Done!!!

Thank you God and Thank you Jesus!!!!!

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    I glanced this prayer request and it struck me immediately. I have never been on this site and believe that God has brought me to it. For 28 years I suffered from the cunning powerful and baffling disease of alcoholism. My life had a good outward appearance but inside I was dead spiritually. In didn’t want to live and did not know where to turn. I had been attending church for two years and asking God sincerely to help me drink like a NORMAL person. Well that never happened because God had other plans for my life. At the end I asked God to help me stop drinking no matter what it took. What it took was being up on charges that may have resulted in a two year prison sentence. Ultimately I gave my life to the Lord on Feb. 3 2004 and have not had a drink since. I help other alcoholics and am active in alcoholics anonymous. Prayer does work but we have to do our part as well. The reason I share this is because what happened to me can happen to others as well. There IS HOPE. Pray hard and get your wife into treatment. Tell her this is a much easier and better life, and it can be hers just by reaching out and asking.

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