My Well Being and the suffering

by Kristina ()

I am just asking for this to please end that everyone is making and causing this suffering for me right now and that I have to bear this reality with the infliction of others being anything but nice or considerate. I do not have to withstand a punishment in my home because my Mother’s uncle made a choice before my marriage and I am begging for anyone who thinks they have reason or the right to induce a form of violence on me again to be stopped within their tracks. I am not just a person others can form relationships against and make these things happen and cause suffering to. I can’t believe with five years of therapy I have to deal with hearing of or thinking any ill mannered beliefs about me or have to suffer in any way in this time for what I gave and even the law and the government should stop those who cannot be right and have to make suffering for me and in my home. I am begging for this to end today. I know I am not perfect but I am sober and will be and no one has a right to make this less worth what I feel it is. For any reason. I do not have to live in things others put within this addiction now either and listen to or feel the way anyone can force me to. I am asking for this to be please what I am given and for no one to do this. I am saying again in this prayer how much they don’t deserve to force me to suffer at all or how much I do not have to take it. I want the torture to stop today and I mean it. I am saying for this to stop and for me to be given my life and for anyone being insulting to move on and leave me alone. I am saying I have the authority and do not have to suffer by my family and their ugly insinuations of unacceptance and cruelty. I am asking for my privacy and saying please pray they have no reach to do this. I am very fed up. I am sober and they do not have to be cruel. I am serious and my younger brothers are just as might as well be what I would say unforgiven and with good reason that I do not deserve it For anyone to be so estranged and harshly hurtful to me at all. I just want my life back. I do not have to let a therapist do all this to my life and to me. I want the torture to stop. I deserve to file statements or a file of complaint to any place that was in misuse and violation of my mental health right to be well. This was a big deal and no I will not let them do this.

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