My Virtual Assistant Business

by Deborah (United States)

Dear Lord,

To you all honor and praise and everything belongs to you. I need your blessing and your help for my virtual assistant business. Lord, I have given up my government job to step out on faith. You have given a chance to turn in the corruption and evil that I have witness and run a business built on your word. Lord, I felt you move upon my heart. I know what you are showing me how to totally depend on you and be a leader without fear. Please help me. I keep looking at my bank account and wondering when it will run out. Lord, I don’t have any clients despite all advertising. Lord, please direct my paths. I have honored you now please, please help me. I know you are able and I thank you as I repent of any known and unknown sin both spoken and in deed. Bless me and I will praise your name and give you all glory and honor. In Jesus name Amen.

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