My True Dream

by Bridge (Maryland)

Lord Jesus Christ, my dear Lord and God, I have tried to stay faithful to you, and stay kind and loving toward others.

Perhaps I may have made mistakes here and there. Maybe I have given in to temptation and spat out a lie, or blurt out something mean to someone when I’m angry. I will try very much to do better. Please, have mercy on me and forgive me, most loving God. And, I pray that you will help grant my wish.

I have had many wishes over the years–as you, the all-knowing and all-powerful Lord God, would already know. I have a sister who is often very selfish and unkind. Although I still loved her, I always felt that I needed a companion, a friend to be my true sister. I wanted a sister who would always be kind, would help me in my most troubling times, and never judge me for my mistakes. I wanted someone who would understand the way I feel and think.

Please, Lord, I beg of you, grant my wish. Help me to find a great companion whom I can always trust and rely on to help me. Help me to find the sister I wish for.

Lord Jesus, God of all creation, please forgive me… And grant my wish.


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