My Troubled Marriage

by Cano60sra (Orlando, Fl.)

Lord Jesus, my drinking has caused me to say ugly things to my wife that I would never say when sober. Please Jesus stop me from drinking alcohol ever again. Jesus please heal my marriage and soften the heart of my wife Meryann that she may forgive me once again and come to realize it is not me talking under the influence but some ugly controlling spirit. Please Jesus save my marriage for the sake of my 2 beautiful children. Thank you so much Lord Jesus Christ for hearing my prayer.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Cano

    My peaters are with you and your family

    Please go to church each Sunday even if by

    Yourself do not coerce your wife to go with

    You Lead by example. You will find what

    You need The Lord needs you also

  2. blessed marriage

    Dear Friend

    I have hope that the Lord is In it with you and your family. We all go through certain temptations in our walking lives. God heard your prayers and it all shall happen in Good time. For the fact that you have confessed to your sin meand you are not in ignorance. I pray that the Good Lord save you and be in your heart to restore love, commitment and help you speak words of courage, words of love and be a good God fearing husband to your wife because she is the only person to help you though thick and thin as you both share a special comminion and have vowed to have and to hold infront of God. I know you will get though it with God, It s just a hiccup and also please find the real reason that made you concider alcohol as a solution, talk about it, feel it, solve it and also involve your wife.



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