My thankful heart

by Thankful Heart (Phils)

Dear St. Jude,

i am very happy that my prayer to enroll my son to college was answered just in time before classes open tomorrow, thank you St. Jude, i have great faith in the Lord and with your intercession. I still have many concerns bothering me and i need help to sustain my family esp that business is down and i am financially broke. i dont know where to get livelihood, where to get money and where to ask for help when i have already asked my relatives and friends. But then, i know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with your aid St. Jude. You are the Saint of the Impossible and i know that i will receive thy blessings from you. Bless also our marriage, both my husband and i are not doing well in our relationship. With the many problems we are going through, our relationship too is greatly affected. I beseech thy help, from financial problems to marital relationship, business and family. I thank you that You are there for me. Thank you, thank you.

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