My Talk With God

by Lindsay (NC USA)

God and all of Heaven

I pray that I might win the lotto.
This prayer is not just for me, but my family, friends, and those in need.

I’m just going to talk straight to you Father. I am Your child. You had a reason to put me here on earth, but after 48 years, I have no idea why.

My desire is to win either the MegaMillions or PowerBall.
This is my plan. You Father get 10% BEFORE taxes. Tha money will go to churches, the VA, clothing and food drives to help people. After that, the money will be split into 1/4s…1/4 for myself..1/4 for my husband, 1/4 for my kids, grandkids, very close friends, and again, 1/4 to try and put something together to help people survive in these troubled times. I want to give them 1 fish, and teach them to fish to help to speak..with Your help.
I’ve been through so much in my life. I should have died years ago, but You kept me here. Please God..I beg that You allow this to happen and guide me on the way.
I dont want any fame for this…all the glory for everything in life belongs to You and You alone. I just want to help people.
Signed Your loving but troubled child

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  1. forgiveness

    Dear God;

    I always wonder why when someone hurts me I tried to defend myself I never get forgiven. i always forgive those who hurt me, but when I ask they always bring up well I said this, I say I am sorry and I should have not mention this. but I don’t get forgiven, God where do I go wrong. Please help me find answers. I love this person so much, and he says he needs time, I am scare so I pray and am seeking an answer with you .

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