My step children are full of anger and self pity

by Debbie (Victorville, CA)

Help the children of my fianc Lord. They have never known the Lord. Their real mother spent her whole life in drugs and self pity and finally committed suicide. My fianc has never been a strong father that taught discipline and how to love them selves.

The girls are full of misplaced anger and self pity and they play everything up so that they are the victim of every situation.
I can not fix this situation. It is the job of the father to work on this. But it all feels hopeless and that there is no way to put a marriage and family together.

This is all in Gods hands and I am powerless to Gods will. I pray that I can live with Gods plan if it means a break up.

Open the hearts of the girls to the truth. Help them to let go of false pride and misplaced anger.
Help them God.